Our barman, Dan, draws on the past, present, and future to create an ever-changing & dynamic cocktail list**.

In addition to cocktails, he also curates a small but feisty list of natural wine and local craft beer, often highlighting a single brewery.

Recent cocktails:

Oh Captain My Captain
salt o’er your shoulder & lavender for luck
gin, grapefruit, lavender

Cool Hand Cuke
50 eggs? we ain’t got one.
aloe, cucumber, tequila, salt

Rabbit Rabbit
hop to it
carrot, vodka, rosemary, ginger

Improved Whiskey Sour #3
tinker, tinker, tinker…
bourbon, all the juices

Fortune Favors the Brave
for Bette Midler
vodka, beets, beer

Grey Havens
soft and creamy for winter months
chamomile, bourbon

Oh Danny Boy
with you ‘til the end
cold brew, whiskey, nutmeg, whip

**Recent inspirations include Legos, sea turtles, Star Wars, The Band, Kid Koala, forest green, fresh cucumbers & half sour pickles, plums, the Gibson Hummingbird, the sound of a mid seventies Fender amplifier and J.Mascis’ cover of Anticipation by Carly Simon.